Elden Ring Fan Creates an Amazing Ranni Doll that Appear to be a Living, Breathing Statue

One very good Elden Ring player made an amazing doll of Ranni, one of the most important characters in the game, that looks incredibly real.

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring might be considered by many as the game of the year in the wake of a phenomenal launch in February.

Elden Ring Raani doll
Image Courtesy: FromSoftware’s

Among the magic of Elden Ring, the eponymous action-adventure game is praised for its open world, exciting boss battles, and satisfying roster of prominent characters. Ranni, one of the most famous in-game characters, becomes prominent relatively early in the action.

Ranni’s fans have created a number of artistic pieces in her honour. Experts of the Elder Scrolls have established a number of artworks that have been dedicated to her as a world-renowned cult figure.

One retro fan made a Ranni figurine out of aluminium foil, and others have painted Ranni as a rock star or with other famous people like Danny DeVito.

Another Elden Ring enthusiast has stepped forward to display their talent and interest in Ranni, following in the footsteps of these impressive artists.

Elden Ring doll made by fan
Elden Ring Raani Doll Made By Fan

Reddit user Public-Bell-2493 should get credit for making a realistic copy of Ranni the Witch that looks almost exactly like the game character.

The user uploaded plenty of photos to a social media page, and each one displayed the creation from different points of view. Ranni was seen seated in her traditional costume and gazing at the spectator. Public-Bell-2493 wrote that it had taken them several months to develop a replica of Elden Ring.

Reddit users in addition to two days after the post was posted, upvoted over 11,000 times, which was to be expected. The figure went over 500 comments, most of which were positive and encouraging. It was able to amass over 500 comments, most of which were positive.

Most of the people liked that the original poster tried to make Ranni look so real, and some were even ready to buy the doll.

Several Reddit users supported Public-Bell-2493 to persevere with their project and asked for other dolls of Elden Ring characters, including Rennala and Melina. Along with the doll’s size and material, the original ad also said that its sale had been put off indefinitely.

One of the most significant characters in the story of Elden Ring is Ranni. She has an exclusive storyline in which she meets certain requirements.

Ranni is noticed for the first time in Limgrave, next to the Church of Elleh, where she offers The Spirit of Calling Bell, which can be used to call spirits. Ranni the Witch’s questline, on the other hand, starts in Liurnia of the Lakes, is one of the longest, and has some unique rewards.

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