Sanjay Manjrekar Has Made an Unexpected Comment About Virat Kohli

Scott Styris commented, “I can’t believe Sanjay Manjrekar said something like that about Virat Kohli.”

Scott Styris, a former New Zealand cricketer, was taken aback by what former Indian batsman Sanjay Manjrekar had to say about Virat Kohli. Indeed, Manjrekar suggested that Virat Kohli’s status is under threat due to the young players. Styris believes that no matter how great a rookie player does, he would never be able to surpass Kohli.

Sanjay Manjrekar made such a statement about Virat Kohli, Scott Styris said, I can not believe it
Sanjay Manjrekar made such a statement about Virat Kohli, Scott Styris said, “I can not believe it

Manjrekar made an unexpected remark on Virat Kohli.

There was a discussion on Star Sports about Virat Kohli’s performance. Meanwhile, Sanjay Manjrekar commented about Kohli,

“The Indian side is currently playing a style of cricket that Kohli is less used to since it needs him to take his time at the start. Virat Kohli is also aware that many talented young players are vying to replace him in the starting XI. We are putting forth every effort. Deepak Hooda recently scored a century. Ishan Kishan and Shreyas Iyer are also in attendance. If they are aware of everything, it will be difficult for them. He is a fighter, however, and will definitely recover.

Manjrekar’s assertion surprised Styris. They said:

“I can’t imagine Virat Kohli’s status being jeopardised. It is still beyond comprehension. Is it true that Kohli will not be joining this team?

Let us inform you that World Cup champion Kapil Dev has sharply reacted to Virat Kohli’s consistently poor performance. Virat Kohli has stated that he should not only focus on his runs. They only need to remember that they represent their country and that everything else is much bigger than them.

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