The Greenland Shark

Greenland sharks are among the longest-living animals on Earth.

According To Researchers

Greenland sharks were first spotted in the western Caribbean off Belize in April.

A Deep Sea Creature

The shark lives in the Arctic and up to 7,000 feet deep.

Life Span

It was a Greenland shark, an Arctic species that can live for 500 years.

Greenland Shark vs. Tiger Shark

This shark had black, worn-looking skin and pale blue eyes, unlike tiger sharks.

Geographical Habitats

The discovery shows that these sharks, once assumed to be Arctic-only, can be found in the tropics.

Groth Rate

Greenland sharks develop 1/3 inch per year and can reach 20 feet.


Researchers think sharks achieve sexual maturity after 100 years.

According to Kasana

Some scientists believe the Greenland shark can be found worldwide, says Kasana.

Favorable Adaptation

Because they like cold water, they live in the Arctic. They've also been found hundreds of feet below the Georgia shore.

The Story Comes To An End

I hope you will learn something new by reading about Greenland Sharks.