The current WWE Superstar is Mentioned by CM Punk on the AEW Show Dynamite

CM Punk delighted the audience when he announced the AEW World Champion. CM Punk was going to make his appearance on “AEW Dynamite” this week. He posted a harsh promo for AEW Interim World Champion , Jon Moxley, provoking a brawl between him and Mox. He would not stop going after Moxley, either, going after longtime adversary Eddie Kingston, as well.

In the wake of Moxley, Kingston is one of the best wrestlers I’ve shared with Eddy Vegas. Eddy Vegas and Punk competed in tournaments all over the independent wrestling world. Eddie Guerrero is a retired WWE Hall of Famer who has been in some strange matches with Punk.

WWE Superstar is Mentioned by CM Punk on the AEW Show Dynamite
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Eddie Kingston’s verbal harassment from Punk did not end there. He continued to harass while making reference to a former WWE Champion. Punk said, “He is the second-best Kingston I’ve spent a locker room with.” Punk was praising current WWE “SmackDown” standout Kofi Kingston with this remark. During their early WWE careers, Punk and Kingston won the WWE Tag Team Championship.

Eddie Kingston was disappointed that his name was mentioned during “Dynamite.” On Twitter, he expressed his chagrin. Kofi Kingston wasn’t the only WWE superstar identified by Punk. He further referenced Moxley’s role in The Shield to even obliquely pay tribute to John Cena, the WWE professional who has won sixteen championships. Punk promised to triumph if Moxley defeated him.

Punk will demonstrate his superiority over Moxley sooner than many fans expect. AEW stated the unification championship fight will occur on the following episode of “Dynamite.”

In conclusion, CM Punk’s appearance on “AEW Dynamite” was a major success and cemented his place as the top wrestler in the AEW. As the Interim World Champion, Punk is now ready to take on the world.

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