WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions: Raquel Rodriguez and Aaliyah’s Historic Win

Following the historic victory in WWE Raw, superstars who had just become champions for the first time burst into tears and uniquely addressed the audience.

WWE announced the top eight teams in the Women’s Tag Team Tournament a few weeks ago. After conquering the difficulties of the quarterfinal and semifinal rounds, two teams advanced to the finals. This week saw a fierce battle for the championship trophies.

Raquel Rodriguez and Aaliyah’s teams defeated Io Skye and Dakota Kai’s teams to win the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles in the championship match. When Alexa Bliss, Bianca Blair, and Oska came, they chased Bayley out of the ring as she attempted to enter.

The freshly minted Women’s Tag Team Champions, Raquel Rodriguez and Aaliyah, sobbed during a backstage interview.

“We are really proud of our championship accomplishment. We worked hard from NXT to Raw and SmackDown, so becoming champions is a huge accomplishment. I didn’t think I deserved to compete in this final, but we did it together.”

The unexpected win of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

As previously stated, the bracket for the competition included eight teams, including a group of renowned celebrities such as Alexa Bliss and Oska.

The triumph of Rodriguez and Aaliyah surprised the WWE Universe since, given the popularity of Bayley’s Faction, it was widely assumed that Io Skye and Dakota Kai would be the next Women’s Tag Team Champions.

Raquel and Alia’s team defeated Natalia-Sonya Devil and Jaya Lee-Shotzi in the semifinal and quarterfinal matches, respectively, to proceed to the championship round. Raquel and Alia’s Tag Team Championship journey should be noteworthy, considering this is their first championship victory on the main roster.

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